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ATS Art Exhibition

This is a place where we find ATS students' creativity and innovation take flight.

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ATS Art Exhibition 2023

Welcome to Art Exhibition 2023.

Come join us to delve into the world of Sustainability.

In this exhibition, we would like to share our different stories and experiences through our art making journey

of exploration and imagination.


Who's In Our Garden?

In this captivating collage series, our students celebrate the enchanting realm of garden creatures, using frottage to keenly observe and connect with nature. Learning to cherish and safeguard the environment, we foster a profound love and care for all living beings, embracing sustainability for a greener future.

P1 - Who's In Our Garden?
P2 - Zero Food Waste


Zero Food Waste

Did you know? Singaporeans generate 744,000 tonnes of food waste yearly! The amount of food waste is equivalent to 2 bowls of rice per person per day. It is our hope that our food art pieces promote environmental sustainability and deliver the message for a world to be less wasteful and the need for all of us to advocate good practices to reduce food waste and disposables.

P3 - What's up there?
P4 - Celebrating Nature's Beauty


What's up there?

Come and immerse yourself in the rainforest to discover the various birds that inhabit it. These birds are facing a problem: their homes are disappearing due to the cutting down of trees and pollution. Let's do our part by not wasting resources and allowing them to live happily

in their habitat. Check out this interactive link,