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2023 Fun with Arts in Sustainability 

Artist Synopsis


Stretching across the wall is a magnificent whale, crafted from thousands of hexagonal mosaic pieces. These pieces are made from recycled plastic bottles, representing our commitment to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
The background is painted in shades of blue
and purple, creating a fantastical underwater environment. As you gaze at the mural, you may feel as though you're being transported to a magical world where marine life thrives.
To add an interactive element to the mural,
there are mirror pieces placed around the design. These pieces encourage viewers to reflect on their actions and how they impact the ocean and its inhabitants.


Mixed Media (Recycled Type 2 plastics collected by ATS and community)

Mural created by

  • P5 FWA participants

  • Aesthetics Leaders

  • ATS Parent Volunteers

  • Dr Wang Ruobing (Artist-parent)

  • ATS Art Teachers


2023 (during FWA in Sustainability)

Video Montage

Whatsapp Stickers

Download the stickers.


P5 FWA participants, Aesthetics Leaders, Green Leaders, P3 and P4 Multimedia CCA MembersATS parent volunteers,  supported by Bishan Community Centre, The Plastic Project, Dr Wang Ruo Bing, ATS students and staff.

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