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ATS Lantern Making Competition 2023

The Ai Tong School Lantern Competition 2023 is organized by the Aesthetics Department and sponsored by Ai Tong School Alumni. The challenge was for participants to come up with an iconic lantern that depicts sustainability in art.

The competition aimed to provide an avenue for relationship building between parents and their child. Submitted entries were judged based on creativity and originality and the winning teams each received book vouchers.

Sustainability in Art

Welcome to ATS Celebrations! The Lantern Artmaking Competition.

Congratulations to all ATS students and parents for the beautiful artworks you have created.

We are proud to present to you the winners of the competition.

1st Prize

Lin Yijin Reiko (4RY)

My lantern artwork illustrates the enchanting realm of sea creatures, meticulously crafted from repurposed materials. Each piece is a testament to the urgent need for ocean conservation, urging us to reject ocean plastic. Through my art, I aspire to inspire sustainable choices and foster a good relationship between humanity and the seas.

Lin Yijin Reiko (4RY)_800.jpg

2nd Prize

Charlise Chen Xinying (2HM)

We made a lantern in the shape of a mooncake which is associated with the Mid-autumn Festival. The lantern was inspired from the idiom “花好月圆” symbolizing blooming flowers and a bright moon. My lantern depicts the celebration by eating mooncakes, sipping tea and moon gazing.

Charlise Chen Xinying (2HM)_800.png

3rd Prize

Lin Xinyu Reina (1PE)

My lantern was crafted from recycled materials and symbolizes the profound connection between humans and the gentle panda alongside resilient bamboo. It promotes a sustainable ethos, advocating for environment preservation and protection of creatures.

Lin Xinyu Reina (1PE)_1_800.png

Consolation 4

Joshua Tay Yu Zhe (1CR)

Sustainability is important to protect our oceans and the many beautiful sea creatures living in them. We created a lantern made of recycled fruit wrappers, plastic bottles and a bowl. It depicted fishes and a jellyfish living in the ocean. Every small action will contribute to making our oceans cleaner and healthier for these animals.

Joshua Tay Yu Zhe (1CR)_800.jpg

Consolation 5

Toh Kah Ying Joy (1DI)

My creation Penguins in Antarctica diorama depicts how ice glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. Through my lantern sculpture, I hope to raise awareness regarding wildlife animals like the penguins who will soon lose their home due to global warming. Let’s play our part to save the earth!

Toh Kah Ying Joy (1DI)_800.jpg

Consolation 6

Francesca Ho Rui Qi (2DI)

We made a cardboard lantern using recycled materials such as bottle caps, tissue box, newspaper clippings, and fruit wrappers. I learnt that we should recycle, reuse and reduce waste.

Francesca Ho Rui Qi (2DI)_800.png

Consolation 7

Larry Zhou Anyu (2DI)

Everyone can help keep our planet clean and green by recycling or repurposing used materials. We made this lantern out of waste materials from used items. We move towards sustainable living!

Larry Zhou Anyu (2DI)_800.jpg

Consolation 8

Kyler Quak Wei Kai (3SI)

Dragons are deeply rooted as an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture. I used dragons as my lantern’s main structure and included festive pictures of the Mid-autumn celebration. The lantern is made entirely of recycled materials to promote sustainability.

Kyler Quak Wei Kai (3SI)_800.png

Consolation 9

Kang Giak Teng Fion (4RY)

In my lantern creation, I used toilet paper rolls as one of the recycled materials in making the ornaments around my lantern. This helps to reduce demand for raw materials and effectively save costs.

Kang Giak Teng Fion (4RY)_800.jpg

Consolation 10

Toh Kah Ai Claire (4SI)

Save Earth, Save a life, Save us all! Caring for our earth is not just a responsibility, it’s a necessity! My ideas in my lantern sculpture is to raise awareness on conservation and reducing carbon footprints.

Toh Kah Ai Claire (4Si)_2_800.png

Consolation 11

Jayden Sim Kai Jun (5CA)

My lantern is made from recycled plastic bottles and paper towels painted with watercolor. It is constructed in a circular shape, signifying unity of people celebrating this Mid- Autumn Festival.

Jayden Sim Kai Jun (5CA)_800.jpg

Consolation 12

Chrystabelle Ong En Xuan (5RT)

I got my inspiration from a coin which has a double-sided print. My lantern depicts earth being polluted with trees and animals dying on one side while the other side shows earth being healthy and thriving, with animals and trees flourishing. We need to make a choice to love our planet before it's too late.

Chrystabelle Ong En Xuan (5RT)_800.jpg

Consolation 13

Teo Kai Wei Wesley (1RT)

My lantern uses recycled materials, and the creative folding of origami papers to depict Ai Tong School Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

Teo Kai Wei Wesley (1RT)_800.jpg
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