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ATS Lantern Making Competition 2022

The Ai Tong School Lantern Competition 2022 is organized by the Aesthetics Department and sponsored by Ai Tong School Alumni. The challenge was for participants to come up with an iconic ATS lantern that we could call our own.

The competition aimed to provide an avenue for relationship building between parents and their child. The participants created lanterns that exuded Ai Tong School identity and its 110th anniversary celebrations. Submitted entries were judged based on creativity and originality and the winning teams each received book vouchers.

ATS, The School We Love

树木=The Ai Tong family tree bearing Fruits of excellence
人=An array of BUTTONS, each representing a staff serving with sincerity
脚印=11 FOOTSTEPS, each representing a decade of perseverance
走来=Our journey so far from boon Tat Street in 1972 to Bright Hill Drive in 2022. Each building nurtures cohorts of students.


Tan Aik Escher (4PA)



The Ai Tong logo was the inspiration for this lantern design. “爱爱“ magically comes alive in this year’s 110th Anniversary celebration to ignite imagination in the minds of Ai Tong students. Reminding them that anything is possible when you put your heart to it. The wings are strong and powerful, allowing each Ai Tong student to soar to great heights with their talents and to use them to serve others too. Glasses symbolize being focused and the graduation cap paired with a traditional chinese knot reminds us to continue pursuing new knowledge regardless of age and to always remember our roots.

Chrystabelle Ong En Xuan (4CR)

Neva Wong Xue Qin (6CA)


ATS Hot Air Balloon

The school educated us and brought us into this 6-year journey in Ai Tong School. The hot air balloon represents the school guiding us throughout the journey, bringing us to a higher level of achievement.

Consolation Prize

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